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What kind of camera do I use?

I shoot with two DSLRs, a Nikon D600 and a Nikon D90. Most cameras on the market can accommodate any photography. The needs of a camera depend on what you want to take photos of. I choose my cameras for their low-light capabilities, for their lenses, and for the user interface. They are what I am comfortable shooting with. I have had great success with Canon point and shoot cameras and early on used the Nikonus as an underwater camera.

What kind of camera do I like?

The camera that fits the need of the job is the one I like most. I am testing mirrorless cameras now and dream of owning the Nikon D4S. Cameras are tools. A photographer is needed to make them perform.

How does my camera go underwater?

My cameras fit in specialized housings unique to their make and model. My housing of choice is an aluminum housing by Nauticam.

How do I handle scratches on my dome port?

The Micro-Mesh NC-78-1 ACRYLIC RESTORAL KIT has saved many a dive. With patience, you can restore acrylic domes with minor scratches.

Is my photography for sale? Am I available for hire for photo shoots?

Yes, you can buy my photography from the galleries on this website, and you can email me to request a photo shoot or hire me for an assignment.


What's my favorite dive?

Each year, I have a dive that is the highlight dive of the year for me. I do not have a favorite dive of my life or a favorite destination from my entire diving experience. I can say that my highlights include diving in Orange Grove Sink cave in Florida, diving with the historic equipment from the Northeast Diving Equipment Group in Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania, diving under the ice with New Wave Dive Center in Ohio, diving with hawskbill sea turtles in Cozumel, and finally seeing a manta ray in Hawai'i.

Where would I like to dive?

I have a few top dream destinations that include the Pacific, the Caribbean Sea, and the Silfra  crack in Iceland.

How long have I been diving?

For over 20 years, I have been in love with being underwater. Through the years, I have acquired new certifications, skills, and experience. I believe in always continuing my education.

How did I get into diving?

My mom and dad were both divers, so helped me have the opportunity to dive. My first ocean dive was when I was 14 in Cozumel. I'll let you guess at the math.

Like many other divers, I was influenced by Jacques Cousteau. I was also influenced by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Creature of the Black Lagoon, having grown up near Silver Springs, where that was filmed.

Who are my diving heroes?

I admire many divers and learn from all their lessons. This too is a changing fact for me, but for some time I have looked to Dr. Sylvia Earle as a model and champion of our oceans. I too hope to help our waterways, both oceanic and inland.

Business needs

How long does it take to get a new website?

That depends on your website. I try to meet immediate needs, which can take as little as a week for a splash page, while developing long-term goals for people needing new site development. For existing sites, I sometimes am needed to update the site first and then create a new site to suit long-term needs. A new medium-sized website can take from one to three months to complete. If a site is very complicated and requiring many changes and approvals, it can take an entire year to complete. With any project, I outline project timelines that I adhere to.

Why should you hire someone to design your website, logo, brochure, or other marketing needs?

When you own a company, your personal marketing needs are often considered last. Hiring a professional ensures completion of your marketing projects.

Also, what you want to communicate about your company is often not what is communicated by your marketing materials. Hiring a professional outside your company helps provide perspective on what your audience is understanding about your products and services.

As an industry professional in diving and aquatic environments, I understand the culture and content required to communicate with clients for dive shops, travel agencies, boat charters, conservation organizations, and equipment manufacturers.

Why does professional photography make a difference? Everyone has a camera and everyone can take pictures.

Not everyone requires high quality images. Sometimes, clients need content more quickly than professional photography can deliver.

However, you cannot improve a bad photo through Photoshop and your photography often represents who you are and how you will be perceived. Professional photography will add credibility to your business and will demonstrate that you are committed to quality. A good website or brochure can also be ruined by bad photography. Investing in the photography will help your marketing materials have higher value.

What is my process? Do you pay up front?

Based on meetings with clients, I create a proposal that outlines the scope, goals, and timeline for a project. When that is signed and returned to me, I invoice for half the payment up front, with the remaining half to be invoiced upon project completion. This helps us both stay committed to the project and makes your project a priority for me among my clients.

I then create an initial design for your review and make changes or provide up to three total design proposals for your project, depending on our agreement. No work moves forward without client approval. This does mean that a project may take more time if many changes are required, or if a client is unable to approve files according to the timeline. However, I do my best to ensure project completion within each approved time frame.

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