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Jennifer Idol is author of An American Immersion. Her articles and photography have also been published in numerous articles and books.

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Best Publishing Company | Founded in 1966

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Alert Diver
Circulation 250,000+ | Frequency Quarterly

SCUBA Diving
Circulation 210,000+ | Frequency 8x

Sport Diver
Circulation 100,000 | Frequency 9x

Underwater Speleology
Circulation 10,000 | Frequency Quarterly

Outdoor Oklahoma
Frequency 6x

Circulation 97,000 | Frequency 10x

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X-Ray Mag
Readership 184,322 | Frequency Periodic 6x average

SCUBA & H2O Adventure
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Springfield News-Leader
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Texas Aquatic Science

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Published books

Photos and text by Jennifer Idol

Idol, Jennifer. An American Immersion Florida: Best Publishing Company, 2016.

Idol, Jennifer. Immerse Yourself Texas, 2013.

Published articles

Photos and text by Jennifer Idol

Idol, Jennifer. "Maramec Spring Park Beginnings." Underwater Speleology Vol.43 No.2. April/May/June 2016: 12-16.

Idol, Jennifer. "Texas Roundup." SCUBA & H2O Adventures No.4. April 2016: 42-45.

Idol, Jennifer. "Experience Historic Icons." SCUBA & H2O Adventures No.3. March 2016: 20-23.

Idol, Jennifer. "Great American Journey." X-Ray Mag No.71. February 2016: 25-34.

Idol, Jennifer. "My Journey to Dive All 50 States." Alert Diver Vol.32 No.1. Winter 2016: 82-87.

Idol, Jennifer. "Diving America's 50 States." Diver Vol.40 No.8. 2015: 18-25.

Idol, Jennifer. "An Overhead Look at Diving 50 States." Underwater Speleology Vol.42 No.4. October/November/December 2015: 10-11.

Idol, Jennifer. "Rising from Texas: Divers Form a New GUE Affiliate." Underwater Speleology Vol.42 No.3. July/August/September 2015: 18.

Idol, Jennifer. "Building a Team on a Strong Foundation with Purpose." Underwater Speleology Vol.42 No.2. April/May/June 2015: 20-23.

Idol, Jennifer. "Roubidoux Spring Bounds Onward with OCDA Team Diving." Underwater Speleology Vol.42 No.1. January/February/March 2015: 14-18.

Idol, Jennifer. "Mine La Motte Saves Rainy Days." Underwater Speleology Vol.41 No.4. October/November/December 2014: 16-17.

Idol, Jennifer. "Rumors, Cave Diving and the Real Story." Underwater Speleology Vol.41 No.3. July/August/September 2014: 6-11.

Idol, Jennifer. "Athens Scuba Park: A Great Place to Beat the Texas Heat." Sport Diver Vol.19 No.9. October 2011: 16-17.

Photos by Jennifer Idol

"An American Immersion." Diver Vol.41 No.3. 2016: 16.

"The Wreck Issue: Look." Scuba Diving Vol.25 No.3. May 2016: 17.

Stratton, Rick. Midwest Dive News Dive Guide Dive News Network Media Group, 2016: p.63.

Stratton, Rick. "Iowa – Midwest Divers Delight." SCUBA & H2O Adventures Vol.19 No.10. October 2015: 22.

Johnson, Wes. "Going Deep: Divers Discover an Unseen World at Bennett Spring." Springfield News-Leader October 9, 2014: Section C 1 and Front page.

Hill, Chris. "It's Habitat Forming." Underwater Speleology Vol.40 No.4. October/November/December 2013: 18-19.

Idol, Jennifer. "2013 Annual Readers' Photography Showcase." Outdoor Oklahoma Vol.69 No.4. July/August 2013: 14-15.

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Editorial and photography

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Contributing editorial and photography


Contributing editorial and photography

Contributing editorial and photography

Contributing editorial and photography

Contributing editorial and photography

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